Wednesday 2 October 2013

some more feedback...

... from Livewire Productions about one job I was contracted to interpret:

"Firstly I just wanted to let you know that everything went extremely well during the TJX conference at Alton Towers.

The translators did their job brilliantly. The only issue we had related to the breakout session but that was more to do with the client than with us. We were informed that the breakout session would be one presenter, presenting to the delegates so we provided an ambient microphone and a static camera. In fact the delagates broke into groups and the ambient microphone just provided your translators with so much background noise that they found it hard to hear what conversations/presentations they were supposed to translate. However, they battled on manfully."

It's nice to be appreciated.

By the way, working mainly through agencies as we do, I have come across one problem: We often get delegates coming to the booth to thank us for our work but our agency rarely finds out, and we don't get the comments in writing so we could use them as references. After all, we are freelance, and we need recommendations like any other business. One agency I talked to about this told me that it was company policy NOT to pass positive comments on to the interpreters involved. I think this is fundamentally wrong. Just so you know.


  1. I agree, its really important to have interpreters at things like these. I'm really glad everything went well and everything was brilliant! I've been searching for my own miami, fl interpreters for an event, showcase I'm planning.